Chelsea Bridge Clinic

Acupuncture is a treatment which, rather than treating your problem directly, focuses on the body and mind as an integrated health system. We know that many people are skeptical about the science behind acupuncture but not only does it work, it can transform your life.

The principles of acupuncture have their roots in Chinese medicine going back thousands of years, where health is seen as a state of harmony and balance.

Our acupuncture professionals have a minimum of seven years practice, with proven results and an integrated approach to treatment. You will often see more than one professional at your first consultation, and we operate a unique peer review system to ensure we are offering you our best experience to maximise your outcome. We believe that the benefits of a good diagnosis will be essential to your rehabilitation. A diagnosis is achieved through detailed consultation <a href=””>write my essay</a>
, which involves taking a full medical history.

We work alongside any other professionals involved in your care to offer constant communication and a united approach to your health and welfare to ensure we are working from the same page. Working in isolation will limit the results you can accomplish, and we are passionate about attaining the best possible outcome with you and for you with a fully integrated approach.

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