Back, hip & joint pain or injury

Très Health Practitioner at work

Before we tackle this sort of condition – often referred to as a ‘musculoskeletal disorder’ – we need to make a thorough, expert assessment. It sounds obvious, but an incorrect assessment leads to an incorrect diagnosis which leads to the wrong treatment.

Causes tend to be a result of wear and tear, trauma (like a sporting injury or car accident), poor posture, weak muscles or pre and post pregnancy strains, but we’ll also look for more serious causes by checking out your spinal reflexes.

We’ll also need to check for a rheumatic disease. This is a way of describing inflammation of the connective tissues (like your ligaments), joints and muscles. This disease can effect one or more parts of the body and can be painful…but the good news is that we can get the pain under control while we attack the disease itself.

You probably don’t need to be reminded that musculoskeletal pain can intrude on day-to-day life, stopping us enjoying ourselves and getting in the way of our work and social lives. Fortunately, our practitioners truly are among the best in the country, so don’t suffer any more! Make an appointment today!

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