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Très Health London Physiotherapy Fitness and Health for Equestrians

Très Health is THE place for London equestrians who want to enjoy their sport, whether it’s leisure or competitive riding.

All sports bring their own challenges and rider fitness is key at any level and for getting the best out of your time in the saddle. At Très Health, we understand that for our London equestrians it is not always possible to ride everyday, so we pride ourselves in offering a range of services to help support your vision and build fitness and core strength, as well as offering massage, physiotherapy and even sports injury and injury recovery plans.

We are delighted to have top international show-jumper Jay Halim as our official Très Health rider ambassador. As someone from the equestrian community who knows what it takes to ride at top level, Jay, who is based in the Home Counties, sees Très Health’s pool of experts as an essential part of his athletic regime and is a regular at our clinic and we are proud to be part of his team network.

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Whether you are looking for specific services or a regime to help you achieve your goals in 2016, welcome to Très Health: London’s only dedicated centre encompassing health, fitness and well-being with a focus on equestrians.

Being riding fit is so important, not just at top level but even at the most basic level, it helps you avoid injuries and enjoy the time you do have, riding and being effective as a rider. The team at Très Health understand my needs and with a wealth of experience in treating top athletes across other sports, I know I am in good hands

Jay Halim, international Show-Jumper

We’re committed to delivering the very highest standards of service to all our patients, whether you’re an international rider or an occasional hacker.

Book a block of four appointments with our expert team for just £273 and take the first steps to injury free riding and maximum performance.

Receive four physiotherapy sessions including a detailed assessment and treatment plan for £273