Neck, shoulder, elbow pain or injury

neck shoulder and back treatments

This type of pain or injury is one of the most common reasons people come to see us, often having had their condition misdiagnosed in the past. Reasons for the pain vary, and include everything from trauma – such as a car accident – to osteoarthritis. Poor posture certainly doesn’t help, while stress and anxiety can make your neck and shoulders feel a whole lot worse.

Elbow injuries are often the result of specific sports injuries – especially (but not exclusively) racket sports and golf, with strains of the tendons of the wrists manifesting themselves as pain localised at the point the tendons attach to the elbow. This can be excruciating so you can rest assured that we’ll look at pain management before anything else. We also need to check for arthritis.

A common issue with neck and shoulder pain is that the pain can be transferred.
That is to say that the cause of the pain is not necessarily where we feel the pain. Treatment has to take this into account, for obvious reasons.

Très Health neck, back and shoulderTreatments for this sort of pain can include massage, acupuncture, electrotherapy, manual therapy and the formulation of an exercise plan to stretch and strengthen.

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