Nutritional therapy


Many people believe that nutritional therapy is just a fancy way of talking about a diet.

Well, it’s not!

And while nutritional therapy can be about weight loss (or weight gain, for that matter) there is much, much more to it that that.

When applied properly, nutritional therapy is a practice which not only looks at what you eat and drink, but also at your general lifestyle, tackling a wide range of health concerns and imbalances to optimise your general health and well-being.

Enjoy your food with a nutritional planAt Tres, under the auspices of Simone Faby, we take a ‘Functional Medicine’ approach to identify biochemical and nutritional imbalances. This means that we identify the underlying causes of ill-health, taking into account what you eat and drink, but also looking at genetics, lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Nutritional therapy is useful in all sorts of situations.

These include:

  • Creating healthy eating habits to increase energy and boost your immune system
  • Losing or gaining weight
  • To help with general intestinal health
  • To support hormonal balance (pre-pregnancy, post-natal, menopause etc)
  • Nutrition for children and young adults
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