Techniques for relieving neck pain

Many of our physiotherapy clients have tried a host of doctors and other physiotherapists to help manage their symptoms. We’re proud to say that, after seeing us, they seldom – if ever – need to go anywhere else. In fact, our clients are so pleased with our service and, crucially, their outcome, that they’ve been known to fly our physios abroad to see them or make a special visit to London, sometimes from overseas, for treatment with one of our team.

We aim to not only relieve your immediate symptoms with manual therapy, but discover the root causes of these manifestations. Our clients often present complex, unresolved cases which may either involve prevention of surgery as a last resort or, on occasion, rectifying problems caused (or, at least, not solved) by surgery.

We aim to:

  • Re-programme your body to stop adjusted movement from becoming normality
  • Re-establish correct muscle movement to allow normal patterns of movement
  • Establish where other treatments are required
  • Make sure that you don’t return for the same condition
  • Improve your quality of life

proven techniques for treatment of muscular issuesOur physiotherapy professionals are highly experienced, with proven results and an integrated approach to treatment. Many of them work with elite sportsmen and women, as well as performers whose work can take its toll physically.

You will usually see more than one professional at your first consultation, and we operate a unique peer review system to ensure we are offering you our best experience to maximise your outcome. We believe that the benefits of a good diagnosis will be essential to your rehabilitation.

We work alongside any other professionals involved in your care to offer constant communication and a united approach to your health and welfare to ensure we are working from the same page. Working in isolation will limit the results you can accomplish, and we are passionate about attaining the best possible outcome with you and for you with our unique collaborative approach.

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