Pilates & core strengthening

Pilates and body movement specialist, Daisy Brodskis

Pilates is for everyone – from elite athletes to people who otherwise do very little exercise. As well as helping people who are recovering from injuries, it helps build confidence, feel better in your own body and release tension you may not have even known was there in the first place!

Pilates’ approach to body conditioning encompasses the whole mind and body. A part of this is about strengthening the core muscles, which control movement and stability in the lumbo-pelvic region and the abdomen, but this is in no way to exclude areas outside the ‘core’…remember, we work with all of you, not just one part of your body.

Pilates – actually named after its inventor, Joseph Pilates – was originally called ‘Contrology’…and controlling your body and using it to the full is key. If you control your core – your body’s ‘powerhouse’ – then you control your body.

Reformer Pilates

Daisy Brodskis demonstrates Pilates on the Reformer

These days there are quite a few variations on Joseph Pilates’ original theme; here at Très we practise ‘equipment’ Pilates, using apparatus such as a reformer, tower and chair, as well as the more commonplace mat, but whichever approach is used, Pilates always comes back to its founder’s original principles: Concentration, Control, Centre, Flow, Precision and Breathing.

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