Poor cardiovascular fitness

A strong cardio condition with the help of Très Health practitioners

Cardiovascular fitness is one of those expressions bandied about by those of us who work in clinics and gyms, without actually giving our clients a proper definition. So here goes:

Sometimes called aerobic fitness, cardiovascular fitness is all about the ability of your body to take in, use and transport oxygen during exercise. Good cardiovascular fitness is a result of your heart, lungs and muscles working well together…poor cardiovascular fitness means precisely the opposite.

As you get fitter – for example after an extended period of performing regular aerobic exercise – your body makes numerous adaptations that result in improved cardiovascular fitness. The muscles involved in respiration – your intercostals and diaphragm – get stronger and more efficient.

personal trainer, but also a Pilates expert, nutritional therapist

The capillaries in your alveoli — the tiny blood vessels that supply the air sacs deep in your lungs — increase in number. In short, you become better able to take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Your heart gets stronger and more efficient as you get fitter. A fit, strong heart can pump more blood per beat than a weaker, less fit heart. Your muscles also get fitter and stronger as a result of exercise. The number and size of the capillaries that deliver oxygen to and take carbon dioxide from your muscles increases. The number and size of mitochondria — the energy-producing cells — also increases.

To achieve cardiovascular fitness you need a programme specific to you. If you’re overweight, do little exercise and one day decide just to ‘go for it’, you could actually end up killing yourself.

In the first instance, it’s vital that you have an expert assessment from our practitioners, so we can put together a programme designed for you and you alone. This may involve the input not just of a personal trainer, but also a Pilates expert, nutritional therapist and even a weight loss specialist.

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