Services for VIPs and performers


Home and hotel visits

We appreciate that, under certain circumstances, some of our clients would prefer us to arrange personal home or hotel visits.

While the majority of our patients are based in the United Kingdom, chiefly in London, we have and can travel internationally at the request of our high-profile clientele.

Car service and late opening

It’s quite understandable that, especially in the age of smartphone cameras, many of our VIP and celebrity clientele may not wish to broadcast that they are attending our clinic. We can, if you wish, arrange for a car to collect you and, in certain circumstances, can arrange to open the clinic outside our usual hours.

International clientele

We’re proud of our international clientele, and delighted to be the first choice of so many visitors to London. Most of our team speaks at least two languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and even English.

We also look after a large number of clients from the Middle East and are fully aware of cultural sensibilities, especially when it comes to personal privacy and being treated by someone of the same gender.

Artists and performers

Our team frequently works with actors and performers to help prepare them for physically demanding film and TV roles, long theatrical runs or long tours. And when we read good reviews, we can’t help feeling just a little bit of pride that, in our own small way, we contributed to the overall success!

VIP service at Très Health

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