Sports injuries and pain

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We’re one of the UK’s leading clinics for top sports men and women, but you don’t need to be an Olympian to suffer a sporting injury. We can not only help you recover from your injury, we can also enable you return to your peak performance, helping you regain strength and movement after an injury or operation.

While we always aim for positive long-term outcomes, we also take dealing with the short term issues of immediate pain. We’ll help with mobilisation of stiff joints, tight muscles and less mobile ligaments and tendons, and we’ll also take into account any scar tissue which may have settled around your nerves.

Every injury is different and needs detailed forensic examination and diagnosis. But for a brief overview, click one of the following three links:

Foot, ankle and knee
Back, hip and joint
Neck, shoulder and elbow

Très Health Recovery after a knee injury

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