The Très Approach


If you are frustrated by the cycle of symptoms and suppressants, trial and error and further complications, then Très offer a unique approach to providing health and well-being services for discerning clients from the UK and abroad. Your first visit to Très will be met by more than just a clinical diagnosis, training session or spa treatment.  How we work is determined by our initial consultation and deep understanding of your requirements.

We work with you to understand what you want to achieve from your experience and beyond.  We integrate the services of more than one of our practitioners to establish the correct route of action as well as taking into account your personal preferences. We value your involvement in your care as well as your commitment to put into practice any recommendations.  You are an individual and not a number to be processed and our team take a personal interest in the results and impact of your care.

If you are being treated by other professionals – GPs, Consultants, personal trainers, coaches, physiotherapists etc, we offer unique dialogue with all parties involved to establish that your care is both continuous and aligned to achieve the best possible results to treat you as a whole.  Included in our team are also other specialist healthcare providers who can help optimise your recuperation, health and well-being. We leave nothing to chance and if it is resolvable, we are committed to achieving this through one of our services. Our professionals are open to multiple perspectives, and our quality of care and relationships developed with you and our partners translates into the difference between providing a service and “Looking after” you.

What to Expect

  • the focus to be on you and your results not on our image
  • very high standards of clinic environment, technology, services and products which are known to work, combined or in isolation for the best possible results
  • a carefully selected team of highly skilled, experienced, and enthusiastic doctors, therapists and specialist professionals who share the same ethos and passion for a job well done, each providing top standards medical services and results over many years
  • that your skin and weight issues are treated medically and holistically as they should be: not in isolation – they are part of your full picture
  • that at our core we are not just about fixing problems, but we are about helping you and your family look and feel as great as you can be so you can enjoy life to the full
  • solutions not treatments: the best medical knowledge combined with alternative therapies and the latest equipment to well-being in a smart way
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